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Before and after

Halloys look great mate ;) Not usually into aftermarket lights (even though I have angel eyes lol) but the smoked rear lights look really mean :). I take it you had the multispokes on hand as it was only like yesterday you were posting about you were not 100% happy with the looks when it was on the old wheels?
  V6 engined Mk3 Astravan
Yeah thats right, the multi spokes are Super T's in 15" but the others were 16s, so was not sure which looked better, as for the angel eyes i think they will be getting swapped for some standard ones soon as the halo lights just are'nt bright enough for sidelights really, but we shall see,
cheers for the comments
  V6 engined Mk3 Astravan
77 views and only 8 replys? come on people! comments welcome both ways? if you dont like something say? and vice versa of corse!


ClioSport Club Member
i prefered it before. if you were going for multispoke wheel look you should have gone for turinis or leggras imo.


rest of the car looks good though.
I had the same problems with my mk1 and the black halos, way too dim for sidelights.....pretty crap really!!! Looks god mate
Looks mint. Multispokes almost always make a mk1 look cool (here they deffo do).

Was thinking of getting angel eyes, they really not that good?

what rear clusters u got or have you just sprayed your old 1s?

If so how did u do it?
  V6 engined Mk3 Astravan
steve740 said:
I find that my standard headlights are much brighter tbh, gutted I bought the halos for my old mk1. Waste of money
think you said it! i paid 160 for the lights a while ago, now id be lucky to get anywere near that for them. but honestly dont waste your money. (unless you wanna buy mine;))

my rear lights are just standard ones sprayed using tinting spray. i bought the spray (think halfords sell it) washed my lights then just slightly rubbed a 1200 grade wet dry paper over the top of them to get rid of any surface dirt left (but not enough to scratch the surface) then put very thin coats of it on, leaving each coat to dry inbetween, mine are quite dark but when the lights are on its amazing how well the light still shows through.

as for the wheels i like them but cant help thinking they would be better in a 16", what do people think?
i got the clear look halo rings and mine arnt that bad at all, you got to remember they are only side lights, its the main beam that matters lol which on mine are well bright



ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Looks ten times better, amazing what a choice of wheel can do to a car.

Have you thought about spacers on the front wheels?
  V6 engined Mk3 Astravan
superfastdan said:
Looks ten times better, amazing what a choice of wheel can do to a car.

Have you thought about spacers on the front wheels?
iv not looked into it no but id be interested, what would you suggest?

Mark E-J

love the multispokes m8 i dunno but 5 spoke been done 2 death

not saying 5 spoke dont look good m8 just my prefference