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Before or After

  Suzuki SV1000S

Cheers Guys - Certainly saves me a bit of money too,lol

Guess I will just concentrate on hurring GDI along with this TB quote..


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

yeh concentrate on the engine... need more torque... cant have a old 5 door cliovolvo making the same as u now :p
  Suzuki SV1000S

Lol, I went back mate the weekend after I got the ECU soughted and made 181bhp! got a vid if someone knows how to host it. And matey dont forget I got more torque than you and you have a turbo hehe only by .6 though git!!

How you doing these days anyway boy?


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

before looks far nicer - carbon bonnet looks twank without the black side strips,