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Best place to get a new lense?

  vtr, 172, s1 rallye

Also try places like robert white, If you dont mind grey imports place like digital rev, or kerso on talk photography iirc hes started selling some noink bits now


  Focus TDCi
Kerso for me on the Talk Photography forum, I believe he's started selling Nikon but I'm not 100% on that. If not him then I just search around, usually start with camerapricebuster.
  vtr, 172, s1 rallye
people need to remeber that warrantys from some of the ebay sellers are international but not UK based, so the lens needs to be sent back to hong kong if it fubars.


  Focus TDCi
Had a quick look on there but didn't see this "Kerso". I'm not registered mind.

This is his thread for all the items he's sold Gaz, dunno if you can see it?:

If you sign up and send him a PM asking for a price list he should be able to help. Or if you're after something in particular just ask for that in a PM as well.

Like I say, not sure what he covers with Nikon though.
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Is there any way of finding out if I will be charged customs & what the cost will be on things from Ebay (HK stock) ?

Cheers :)