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Best place to get belts done.

Hey people! The belts need doing soon on the car so I'm just wondering where's the best place to take it around the north east?

Or is there anywhere to avoid?


John :)
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Mine were done at t w barker at newcastle mate, renault specialists.

We live to far north, none of the guys on here are close lol, not really fair on us north east lot
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Look in the traders section, see who is closest to you, then go there :) Though I can really recommend Fred from personal experience
How much did that cos you austin? I hate being up north all the decent places are miles away!

Im gonna ring round a few places tomorrow. Although at RSTuning I could get a remap aswell ;)


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I'm based in Nottingham if it's not too far for you. CS members get 20% off labour and 10% off parts to.

Diamond Motors


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Even nottinghams a treck away Mick, we really are hours away from everyone!

I think the drive would be worth while though, i know next time mine are due il be making the journey to one of the specialists off here.


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What?!? Liam came with his 197 from Germany!

You will have to make a decision though before the clock runs out and it doesn't matter who you take it to as long as you take it somewhere.
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Mendial motors in thornaby mate, just had mine done there on my 182, there a renault specialist and did a top job
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Hi Guys.

Not been on since November 2011! How time flys.

Owen Will do you a good job, Why not try Huttchie hes a nice lad, got time for him :)

I Only do work on Friends cars.


Are the other very very good options :) an you obviously get a receipt and a warranty.