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Best Saxo Ever

  320d M Sport

I know, I know!! Clios only etc. Got to admit though, its a beauty I reckon??? Just nice to put credit where credits due isnt it??


now that it is very nice ...
the saxo vtr/vts is a lovley car but just a bit to common, Before I got my 172 I had a test drive in a vts. I thought is was a nice car for the money
  320d M Sport

I think hes done a top job on it. Its hard to make a Saxo stand out nowadays. Quite a lot of us on here were "primed" for 172s etc on the old saxo....

  silver valver/hybrid

nice to see a clio 16v bonnet vent on it, instead of a scooby/evo/sunny gti-r one that everybody else goes for!
  TT 225

Funny that you mention trying to make it look like a Jap import, cos Graham (the lad that used to own and built that saxo up) sold it about 6 months ago and bought a Scooby instead

I think he did a good job on it tho, saw him out an about at a few cruises/shows and it looks even better in the flesh.

Not sure who bought it or where it lives now tho..

Saxos r pretty nice cars and u can do loadsa cool stuff 2 them, end of the day though they r really common and r looking a bit dated now. I was looking at getting a VTR, but after thinking about it, decided Id have more fun with a Clio.

at a recent top ten shoot out day I attended the sklyine guys took the spoliers off on the top speed run (standing 1.5miles) guy I talked to got 5mph more at 196mph