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Best subs...

  1.6 focus zetec....
....for small volume boxes?? I want two subs in my boot or maybe even one if i cant stretch to two but the only problem is the babies pram has to go in there aswell!! I could fit the baby pram at the front of the boot and have about a foot left behind it!! The last subs i had were 10" alpines and they'd have gone it but now im wanting 12 or 15 and the boxes will need to be bigger??!!


  1.6 focus zetec....
Lol my cousin had one ages ago....didnt like it and the power isnt really there to be honest!!
  Monaro VXR
How about a small 10" RE SE sub 600w RMS they sound good i have the 12" version in my own car gonna be adding another soon. But they sound alright in a fairly small sealed enclosure. Although they sound better in a big ported enclosure.

Size of my box for referrance although there will be a new one going in soon which takes up pretty much my entire boot but thats in a Citroen C4. But gives you some idea of the size of the box if thats a 12" driver.

There was a 10" XXX sub on ebay that didnt sell although unsure if it is now sold or not elsewhere but that would suit your needs as long as you have an amp powerful enough as they will take 1000w+ RMS without a problem.
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  1.6 focus zetec....
I thought about gettin two audiobahns as they can be reversed and i assume they'd need hardly any box to be put in?!?! Correct me if im wrong though!!

  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
I can vouch for that XXX sub but I can get you a good deal on a PBX sub if you want, Very good subs, I'm soon too be running 4 12s with a 3000wrms amp ;) :p

LEt me know and I'll put you in touch with the Distributor and might be able to get youa discount ;)