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big bore backbox in southend cruise

does anyone have just a peco big bore backbox thats goin to southend tom nite so i can hear what it sounds like before i buy???
  Clio 172

i aint goin but i got a BB2 back box (waitin till i get proper job 2 get full system) an it sounds pritty good, although at first it just sounded normal an i thought id blowen £120 :confused: but after bout a day of 2 it was pritty loud :D
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

They dont fit very well mate. If you have the haynes max power book have a look at that one its about as far to the left of the hole as it can go. I used to have one on an old car and kept having to shift ot central every few days!


Agreed - had one on an Astra (yeah, I know) and no matter what I did it had two positions 45 degrees up or 45 degrees down. Worst 100 quid I ever spent.

if i get it, im buying it and getting it fitted from xtreme motorsport in harlow. nothing else is that price tho which is the prob, ne suggestions?