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Big help needed for centre console display!

Sorry to bother everyone again. I have a clio mk2 99 and I have an upgraded head unit but I now have no display on the centre console as the clock is on my drivers dash under the milege count. Does anybody know how I could get a display on the centre console e.g the time(clock). Please someone help!!!

No it is a big problem. I have been told that to get a display on the centre console and keep my head unit, I will have to have the drivers dash replaced so the clock can be moved from their to the centre. Cost £1000!!!

Yeah thats right. The salesman said that I need to re-locate the plug for the clock from the dash to the centre console. This involves having a new dashboard, new plug and milage clock, and a new centre consloe clock display! All for the cost of 1 grand.

I now fortunitley, but has anyone out there got solution to my problem? Somebody must have the same problem as me. Help, help!! My blank console is driving me crazy!

Ive got a 01 clio dyn, bought a connects2 lead to link the head unit to the stalk and the dash display, works a treat but im not sure if you can get one for the 99 clios. Think it only works with Sony units as well.