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Bilstein Original Dampers

  Seat Leon Cupra 290
can you get a set to fit 172 cup, i heard there just a similar set up to the renualt ones that true? how much?

B2 are the OE replacment dampers.
I've got them on my car and there ok not as stikk as my old ones but then again my old ones were unusually stiffer more so than any other none RS IMO.
Ooops I cannot type.
I've tried to do a search but you need the catalogue and i don't have one rng Demeon tweeks they have a few copies of the catalogue they can get you prices and part numbers.
IIRC the dampers are inserts and not direct replacements on road cars.

When i was looking at having cup racer inserts used they would have to have a road going strut made up to mount to the stock hub.