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black leather interior available on......

.......what colour valver?

Seen a few with grey leather but just wondering if they did a tungsten grey valver with black leather interior?

anybody help,

  Mini Cooper S JCW

id be interested in black leather fronts, if i buy this met. black valver on sunday.

how much would they cost? coz id rather get bucket seats i.e cobra or woteva if they cost the same?

In the UK there was never Black leather, it was dark grey called Ash. The Baccara had a lighter grey. The leather in the 19 16V was Black or a mid-grey

finding R19 leather is easy, i wouldn;t pay anymore than £150 unless it mint,

but they do wear very well so most are still nice, (unlike the cloth)
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Well Lofty, i couldnt find jack sh*t up here next to Newcastle!! I ended up getting my seats from Norwich!!:eek: worth it in the end though;)