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Black plastic trim

  Clio 182, Astra Sri
Auto finesse revive, £8 a bottle and a little goes a long way!

Here's a 50/50 photo


And some others



Great stuff


ClioSport Admin
Is there anything wrong with using meguiars endurance tyre gel?

I got rid of the white marks on all the black plastic trims by using a pencil rubber and then put some of this tyre gel on. Wiped off the excess and it looks awesome!

Is it just a case that it won't last ad long as the auto finesse revive??
  Clio 182, Astra Sri
I've seen endurance gel used before, try it and see!

Revive is a dedicated product, so id of thought it would outlive a tyre gel on plastics


ClioSport Club Member
if your looking for a long lasting treatment then use one of the permanent trim products i.e. Gtech C4 or Dodo juice supernatural kits

yes they cost a fair amount compared to others but there not a dressing there a chemically bonded product that wont wash off after 2 weeks...

Ive used C4 and its an amazingly good product


ClioSport Club Member
  197 CUP
I put C4 on and cant praise it enough really, absolutly amazing and so far has lasted 4 months with no signs of fade. It is expensive for waht you actually get but at the same time it is "permanent"


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
ClioSport Club Member
  172, E46 320D, Golf
Will any of the products listed above make my plastics black again,
or is giving it a coat of satin black my best bet?

I'm talking about my grill, fog light plastics, bumper insert etc.