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Black smoke on my Clio 1.5dci 2002

  Renault Clio 2 1.5l
Hello , i just bought my first Clio seems fine and runs Great, but the thing bothering me is that when i give it half-full throtle a lot of black smoke comes out, anyone know why is that happening?
Service has been done 6000 km ago , including the air filter and the fuel filter.
Thanks for the help in advanced!


ClioSport Club Member
They are getting on a bit now so could be anything, and if its pulling fine I wouldn't be overly concerned.

The black smoke will tell you its either getting too much fuel or not the correct amount of air, since you have ruled out the air filter by replacing it, check for boost leaks at the hose clamps, if its 60kw that's 80hp? so will have an intercooler, check for any sign of leaks from the intercooler and check any sensors in the boost pipework are seated nicely.

next step would be an injector leak off test (check YouTube if you need a guide)