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Bleed screw on rad undone but nothing coming out??

Have plenty of coolant in the car, when started from cold can bleed using the bleed screw as normal.

When its hot and I open the screw, I can take it fully out of the radiator and nothing comes out not even a dribble! When the engine was revved it started coming out after a little while... is this normal??? :S
Pretty big air lock though? Could this be something to do with the water pump?

Also could this explain why my fan isn't always coming on - because there isn't coolant circulating through the radiator over the fan switch - ?


  BMW M3 & Williams 3
Sounds normal to me, same thing when you press the throttle and the top rad hose squeezes together.

To rid an airlock, just unscrew the expansion tank cap and run the engine with it off for 5 mins or so, just incase.

Fan is most likely to be a fecked switch.