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Blessing in Disguise ?

As the title says, the bloke across the road from me has backed his pickup into my car and asked me to get him an estimate for the work. The bumper just basically needs repainting so i went for an estimate today and because it's already been resprayed once (and apparently not too well) he reckons i'd be just aswell to get a new bumper.

So now i've got a perfect opportunity to get myself a new exhaust. I've currently got a K-Tec Cat Back Exhaust which i'm now finding a bit too loud, but the bumper's been cut and i couldn't justify getting a new bumper, getting it sprayed and buying a new exhaust when there's not really anything wrong with mine. But if i'm getting the bumper done anyway now i could sell my exhaust and get something different.

The questions now are :

Which exhaust ? Best Fit ?

Will i lose any performance moving to a K-Tec Stealth System ? No messing about cutting bumpers.

How much will i get back for my exhaust and is anyone interested in it (i'll need the money for the new system) ? It's the KT1 System (Cost £550 Originally) plus i've had an extra bracket added to it and it's been on the car for about 18 months.

Jeff simply

ClioSport Club Member
  BMW M4; S1000 RR

does that mean you wont get much improvement in performace with an expensive exhaust?

You'll never get more than a few hp anyway.

You're just eliminating restrictive parts, once you've got a bigger bore, and a none-restrictive cat, you'll need to look elsewhere, like headers, intakes etc etc. And then remapping will give you that extra 15hp... Maybe.
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