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I go away for a couple of months and now look at the place :cool:

Anyway, Im off to Abercromby Edinburgh for the 12000 mile service tomorrow and Im anxious about what theyll manage to c**k up ! However theyve had good reports from GR and others on here so fingers crossed.

Ill mention the loud grating rattle the exhaust emits upon hitting 4000 rpm - If they say they cant find anything wrong l think Ill collapse on the forecourt

Ill let the Edinburgh members know what I thought of them tomorrow.........


  Shiny red R32

Good Luck Rentaghost! Just have a word with Norrie or Jackie, they will look after you! I will have to take mine back in sometime to get the leaky spare wheel well fixed AGAIN! They have had it twice and thought they had fixed it, but this week when i went to check the spares pressure it was sitting in loads of water. I hate leaving it at the dealer but so far they have not driven it or damaged it.

Went to see them myself yesterday about the rattle from the mid box of tnhe exhaust. Expected to be told not covered by warrenty but told it was! They phoned this morning to say the part was available but was only covered 80% by warrenty. How can something only be covered 80% surely totally or not at all. Anyway going in on wednesday to get fixed. Let us know how you get on rentaghost. Service should be about £105.

ill tell you about a funny warrenty clam we had!

we offer 3 yrs or 60,000 KM, whichever first.

anyway, a scenic with 85,000km, and the warrently had expired already had a bust auto gearbox........

we told him his warrenty ran out along time ago!!!

but he was a crazy S.o.B and we had to give him a new box free!!!!

is he nuts! i wouldnt of given it to him!!!


Accepted if warrenty had expired then warrenty has expired but Sorry sir but your warrenty only covers 80% of cost!!! Explain that!! Im not complaining cause 80% is better than 0%any day!

No problems this morning. Cost £96.50 :). Took them 2 hours however so I dont think theyll be any F1 pit lane teams looking for their services just yet....

Theyve got an exhaust part on back order from france which will replace the rattly bit, and theyll also replace the missing washer ball at the same time. Didnt seem like they were aware of the washer ball prob - cant believe they havent seen it yet on other 172s

Also didnt bat an eyelid at the car being an import, or my rather slick front tires :oops:


  Shiny red R32

Rentaghost, I was pleased to hear that you were :D with your Abercromby service today. I have also found them to be courteous, helpful and friendly and as long as your car is OK it doesnt seem too expensive either, especially when you hear about charges from some other garages and the level of service that some people get.