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Blu-ray player, present for xmas, what to go for?

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Going to get my brother a blu-ray player for xmas, don't know whats good on the market at the moment, any suggestions? is the ps3 still great for blu rays?

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Was looking in to this as well. Seems as though an ok one will go for about £130 and tbh id go for the new ps3 slim which is £199 in sainsburys at the moment bargin
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Not top of the range or anything but I've just picked up a Phillips player from Asda for £97. Was getting decent reviews at full price so a bit of a bargain at £97.
I've got the Sony sp350 and it's a quality bit of kit, only about £130 too iirc.

You'd have to buy the dark knight to go with it too, it's the law..