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Bluetooth CarKit

Mark - hopefully should be one in mine soon now!!! Have had loads of problems finding somebody to fit it (it has to be done through the company) and our mobile supplier doesnt fit one for the T68i!! I will keep you informed.

and are you ok by the way? and whats the weather like down there?

woo.. Im after one for my t68i too!!! What brand did you get for the t68i? The sony-ericsson one? Parrot one? Yeah, itll be a problem finding a place here in aus that can fit one into the clios electrical system.. Guess the dealer should be able to help with that.

im doin ok... works going to the dogs though, so starting job hunting.... Weathers hot and we despartely need rain. about to have water restrictions here :( Hey, what are rental prices like over there? Thinking if i can find a nice paying IT job on contract for 12months, might head over that way...


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Ah bluetooth car kits

they have some good features but lots of bad ones too

i recomend the sony ericsson one that has just gone on sale (works with any phone with bluetooth)

But be warned they dont always work and the phones battery will be spanked by the bluetooth connection

i have the full kit in my car and it charges it all the time and because its isnt bluetooth it works all the time


the bluetooth kit is really easy to fit!!! All you need to do is connect the mute wire to the stereo (if it has one)and the earth and the power leads and the speaker which plugs in with a 3.5mm jack

(i put mine behind the headlamp leveling switch panel, if you prize it out there is a grille that you can mount the speaker to, you will need to break open the casing to get it to fit.)

the actual control box hides away the picture is the small interface which connects by 3.5mm jack to the control box, this can be mounted anywhere on the dash