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Bluray player advice.

  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
Reet been looking at buying this Bluray player for my bro for xmas, he has a 32" but atm has noway to watch HD stuff and he and his bird are members of lovefilm so they get DVD's once a week.

PHILIPS BDP3000 Blu-ray/DivX Player

Thats it on pixmania but i've found it on amazon for £99

Go beyond your films and enjoy bonus features online with BD-Live on the Philips BDP3000! This Blu-ray/DivX player boasts full support for Bonus View so you have more choices when it comes to audio and video. The Philips BDP3000/12 is also able to display standard DVDs in 1080p resolution, ideal for modern HD screen. Plus, it can handle DivX video formats and MP3 music, as well as Dolby True HD for fabulous 7.1 Surround Sound (optional speakers and amplifier required).

His TV is Philips and his names Phil so thats just a nice little bonus haha.

Dont know much about them sooo from the spec and price what do you think.

not going to set the world on fire but it will decode the disks so thats all he really needs

there are sony 350 for about £115 or 360 for about £150
  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
Are they for £99 though bunny, i'm not made of money and he doesnt mean THAT much to me haha.

As long as they'll play rented blurays etc fine it should be sweet.

  182 FF Inferno
Just got one of these. Got a 4 star review from what hi-fi (read into that what you will) As for loading times, seems pretty quick to me.

Overall, a bargain..........................but

I think Blockbuster are doing an offer on a Sony BR player with 4 blurays for £149. May be worth looking at

Oh, and the Phillips is £97 in Asda