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Looking for a 3 inch long 5MM wide Bolt. with nuts.
Don't no what to search for on ebay as when i put 'Bolt' in it comes up with door locks.

Think this is the wrong place to post this :)
FredYozzasport said:
m5 bolt? what thread pitch?

Thats confused me :) Mr fred.
Just normal bolt lol with thread going all the way down it.

I can't get to B&Q so looking for them on internet.
:) Heres a picture of what i need :) Also need a nut for it.

Googleing 'trident racing supplies' now ;)
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FredYozzasport said:
you need to know the thread pitch (basically the spacing between the threads, 1, 1.25, 1.5 etc)

Will probably be standard. I think that's 1mm on an M5. Although could be 1.25mm
Bradharding said:
I can get all sorts at work, but I wouldn't post you 1 bolt :p

Could you get me 4 -5 Bolts :)M5, 3inch long, with nuts, fixed nut on one end(not screw driver end thingy).
:) :) You know you want to