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Bonnet/Bumper Respray.

  S2000 + E91 330D
I'm going to be getting some quotes hopefully this weekend;
I want to get my Bumper/Bonnet sprayed and a little mark on my rear bumper sorted.

Basically the bumper/bonnet is covered in stone chips. literally hundreds.

Anyone got a rough price for a decent job? I was thinking about £500?


pot ltd Che

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
£100 for a bonnet, £60 for both wings to be blended, £80-100 for a front bumper dependant on damage and anything between £30-100 for rear bumper. Again, condition dependant.

All plus VAT.
You could get a full respray for £500! £350 tops I'd say.

I'd love to see the finish on a £500 respray!

All depends on where you go, some places can charge up to £250 to paint a bumper alone. Would be a top notch job though.
  S2000 + E91 330D
Just went to a place pretty local, but he's ment to be not notch.
for the front bumper/bonnet and rear bumper blowing in(few chips) he wanted £600, and having a look at some of his work i reckon that aint too bad tbh.. get what you pay for.. well i hope. i'd be pissed off if it was a s**t job!
  Punto/Clio GTT
annoys me the "get what you pay for" attitude on here.

no, you get the limits of the prepper/sprayer, HOWEVER much cash you want to throw at them.

you goto renault or any insurance approved garage and youre paying £20 an hour excluding materials.

just find a garage that has a good reputation, somewhere that is happy for you to look at their work and book it in.

Dont think, "oh ill pay £600 for a bonnet and bumper respray, its gonna be immaculate", because more than likely, it will be no better of a finish than a £300 job at your local bodyshop.