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bonnet help?

  BMW F31
my bonnet feels rough compared to the rest of the body work, by rough i mean it doesnt feel as smooth when you run a cloth across it.

would some clay fix this or any other ideas anyone? :S
  Chocolate Bar™
clay, polish, glaze, seal, then wax and it'll come up a treat like the rest of the car
  Mito Sportiva 135
unless its had a poor respray in its past and wasn't sealed in well originally, in which case your smegged mate
  BMW F31
nah its an original spray from the factory etc.


i understand the clay bit, i also have some mequiars gold class polish, but glazing sealing and waxing im not familiar with, could anyone help me out and point me in the right direction for some products and also explain what they are etc cheers :)
  106 GTi
After claying, grab yourself a decent polish and see how it feels from there.

Try some Autoglym Super Resin Polish first if that is till not working step up to something like Meguiars Scratch X.