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Brake dancing and rolly poly!

Ahhh...finally some sun in Edinburgh!! I decided to celebrate by taking my pride and joy out for a burn. As per usual, the A198 out towards Gullaine delivered the goods in terms of a decent car to challenge on the twisties. Last time it was what I now know to be a 1993 Audi S2 (all 220bhp of it - the closest match Ive come up against so far); today it was a Volvo S60 2.4T. Mmmm...Volvos have come a long way, and Id certainly have one - not as sharp a handler as me ol Valver, but was keeping up with me all the time on the straights (dare say it would have had me above the ton).

**Anyway, to the point...**

Yes, my brakes felt crap today. The initial bite just wasnt there. Pads and discs seem OK - theres only 7k miles wear on them all round. Is this maybe something to do with callipers, or just the heat?? Any other ideas? Brake fluid is fine and no leaks.

Second question is, how urgent is it to get a leaky CV joint gaiter and failing lower front anti-roll bar re-done? Whats the damage cash-wise too??

Cheers for any help

not sure of the price to have it rectifyed.. but....

if ya dont sort the cv gaiter pronto you will be hit with the price of the gaitor AND the price of the cv joint.. possibly the shaft....

thats that one sorted lol.. !

now the the AR bar mount..

no probs here either..mounting problems on the suspemsion components can cause the handling to become unpredictable..

and.. in a car designed to be driven hard... the last thing you want is a sudden change or non repeatability in handling..

or, even simpler.... it could kill you, your passenger(s) and/or innocent bystanders...

over to you Sir.


Ahhh...just the sort of news I like to hear! Thanks anyway. Do you reckon the CV would last another 3 weeks/800 miles until I get home - assuming its "ok" at the moment? I know and trust a garage at home you see.

Anybody else have any ideas about the brakes?

Seemed fine today. Went for a blast on the A702 from Edinburgh to the Borders. Cold air and smooth road surface - fantastic!!! Brakes seemed better too (maybe becuase I washed them with cold, non soapy water?).

Thats good news about the CV gaiter, but I dont know how long its been like that

if the brakes are fine today.. put it down to ambient temps.

re the CV, no probs, just get if fixed asap when you get home.
avoid any car washes that do an underbody wash and try to avoid standing water on the road (puddles big or small)


OK - thanks for the help. I never intentionally drive this car in the rain anyway (I use my brothers Volvo 340 for that - what a beast!).