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Brake pad upgrade-recommendations

I am off to the track now that the Cup is warmed up, and I need some advice for a good pad upgrade. I used EBC Green pads on my Integra, which were a good compromise for road and track, although they dusted like a friggin coal mine. However, there was very little fade from them. Now, the ITR had ABS and the CUP doesnt which I learned the hard way yesterday, so recommendations are appreciated.

Also, any point in upgrading the brake fluid?

  BMW 320d Sport

Ive found Ferodo DS2000 will stand up to track abuse and fast road use with very little fade, maybe a little bit after 20 minutes of continuous track time and heavy braking. The good thing about them is you only need to dab them a couple of times and then thats it, theyre ready for action, no more bedding in or any of that crap.

I use DOT5.1 fluid in mine. Im sure theres people whod say I should stick to DOT 4, but to my mind when youre taking it on the track you need the best you can get. So far 5.1s never let me down so I stick with it. On DOT4 I do remember some scary moments though. Its not gonna break the bank and if you do regular changes anyway, you might as well go for the good stuff.

Thanks. I have just been leafing through the Demon Tweeks catalogue, and I am tempted by the SRF fluid. Do you see any problems with normal road use?

And are the Ferodos fairly benign for the road as well, in other words, do you have to warm them up before the breaks bite?

I have ferrodo pads on my lowly 1.4 but they work extremely well from cold. (As I learned this morning - Damn Jag drivers)

They do leave a fair bit of dust though