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Brands Hatch Pics!

hehehe, The odd bits of "mist" are rain droplets on the camera.. I got rid of them when I noticed them.. but with the rain, it was difficult.

Jas, Thanks. :D


Nick, Yea... I did take a fair few. Took me some time to take all the number plates out of them all, too :)

Like to do my bit! ;)


Sorry Kathy! I love yellow.. but I always seem to miss someone out :(

Was Fred at the Midlands meet... got a few of his this time though.. :)


If anyone wants to use any of these pics, feel free too, as long as you credit me (like, put taken by Daz or on/next/with them). :)

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Whos car is the black MK2 172, with the cliosport banner on the bonnet? I love the wheels, can you please tell me what make they are and the cost as after I have my spoiler fitted I will be saving up for som 17" alloys?

Daz - excellent photos, wish I had been able to go :(