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Brief encounter with the Police

I was driving slowly out of Cardiff tonight along Newport Road - traffic light alley I call it as there are so many lights. Its a 30 limit, but becuase its usually at least two lanes wide, many people go way over the limit. All the boy racers go there for some traffic light grand prix action.

Anyway, I was sticking to the 30 limit as usual and generally driving smoothly, watching all the cars go by. I noticed after a while that a blue Focus was behind me; unusual in that most cars were going a lot faster than me and my 30mph. After about 3 miles, it overtook, just before a 70mph limit dual carriageway opens up. This point is a favourite of mine for mega acceleration up to the 70 limit as its also on a lovely camber bend. So I ripped past another car and this Focus and up to the limit, making that lovely 16v induction howl.

As Im approaching the next roundabout roudabout, I notice that the Focus is bombing up behind me at full chat. I had to stop at the roundabout, and just as well I did. I looked in my mirror to see two blokes in the Focus wearing big yellow jackets with "Police" written on them! Wary, but also knowing that I hadnt broken any limits yet, I went round the roundabout doing my best driving school skills and then onto the next dual carriageway. The Focus just stayed glued to me rear bumper as I accelerated slowly to about 60 - and stayed there for the next two miles! Then it overtook me really slowly and the Policeman in the passenger seat just glared at me, while I kind of nodded to say hello. The driver also flashed the brake lights a few times too - what for??

Bit intimidating really, I did nowt wrong apart from accelerate quickly, which the Police drivers handbook encourages you to do given the conditions! And in the time they followed me about a hundred 1.1 Novas doing 60 in the 30 zone went past. Wheres the justice in all this!??:cry:


  Shiny red R32


By flashing their brake lights, they were probably acknowledging your excellent driving skills! Or maybe they like your car!


Hmmm...I think they still yearn for the days of 3.0 Vauxhall Senators when they could have kept up with me!

t**sers...should have given them the finger (well perhaps not). now you understand why theres so much burglary and street crime - the feds are too busy cruising burnin up their petrol (or our money should i say).
  clio 20v

they are imtimidating cos they will often sit behind you for a while checkin your car out glued 5 inches off your rear bumper

bunch of nobbers arnt they u have something stolen and there not interested, drive 5 mph over the limit and its crime of the century

  Clio 197

They could very well have been running your plate number and keeping you in view untill the report came back. Might have been a car like yours reported stolen or used in a crime somewhere. You never know. That could have been the reason they were ignoring the other speeding cars as well.

I know the feeling though. Try driving anywhere in the USA...

they do it to try and get a reaction, its funny just smile at them cos it really bugs um. they just want you to speed up or do something then they will pull you over like a flash. they just get jealous just stick at the speed limit when there around. i love acclerating quickly cos there aint alot they can do. there a pain in the arse really.
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Reminds me of the time I was just turning onto a road from a stop sign when this car comes screaming round a bend and flashes me they get the finger as I was already more than 80% straight and beginning to accelerate.

Next thing they pull up next to me and its four coppers in the car...the one in the passanger seat then turns his friggen spot light on and shines it in my face...what a t**ser...then they speed off

I think they gave you all that attension coz you was driving to the speed limit... only pissed people, drug dealers and old sods drive on the speed limit. I usually do at least 5 mph over and thats going throught speed cameras..... 30=40 40=50 50=70 70=100

I got followed from one side of a town to the other and it turned out the had run a check - they stopped me for no tax. I had tax, I had only got it that day!

Yeah, I guess I do drive a bit funny when Im in urban areas for someone in a fast car! I mainly stick at about 55mph on the motorway (stone chips) and always to any limit in an urban area. Id like to think thats why Ive never had an accident/penalty points (touch wood).

I really open the car up down my favourite home Welsh roads, but always drive slowly elsewhere as I think Id just be dangerous if I raced around town. For example, if I was giving it some off a traffic light in a 30 zone, Id be doing about 50 before I even gave it any welly in 2nd gear. Makes me think!

Im kind of similar, the novelty of being able to go fast everywhere wore off after a few months for me after getting my car, i also cant afford any higher insurance premiums so thats always in the back of my mind!
  Revels Mum & Sister

Totally agree is nice to have the power there. No need to use it all the time. Plus drive fast and your more likely to smack into someone. Law of averages, drive like a prick all the time and you will pay the price.

I agree with the above two posts. Nice to have the power but in the right place. I saw a person ran over by a idiot speeding once and it was not a nice sight. I used to live in Wales near Bangor and the roads over the mountains are excellent for driving but in the cities and towns no way!
  Revels Mum & Sister

Someone lad in his Saxo VTR trying to race knocked some old lady over and killed her. Silly c**k!!!

I must admit when I had my Nova GTE I drove like a c**k a lot of the time. But dont anymore. HAd some very near misses and been lucky. Never had an accident and dont have any points. Guess that says something. I am damn lucky. Been driving for nearly 3 years!!!

Some good country lanes that the car gets a good blatting down at the weekends.