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Bristol RS Clios and other French stuff.

Recently moved out of Bristol but know the pain. No meets at all - SW meet in Exeter FFS. Not much representation for us "North South Westerners".

If any meets etc are going ahead I'd be more than happy to be involved. Albeit in the German.
So far this thread seems to going a little better than last time. Next thing to do is set a meet date and time. Last time Portishead seafront came up as its free to park, has good photo ops and is close to the M5 for those slightly outside central Bristol. Feedback welcome.
  Clio 172 cup
Thought so, followed you on Instagram since I had my first Clio a few years ago! Still got your LY?
  Megane 175 & BG182
Thats cool :) No my LY is gone now, I was using it on track and got scared lol. I have a Megane Sport 175 as a daily and a BG 182 for track use now altho I keep looking at LY R26's... I did love the colour!!
  Megane 175 & BG182
As a daily its great tbf, ive just changed jobs tho and now do 10 miles a day lol so don't need the economy. Will miss the torque tho!!