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Bro’s BRM may be for sale....soon

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My brother is thinking of selling his Rover 200 BRM as hes thinking of getting something newer, or doing up my old Scirocco.

Its not for sale yet, but i dont spose any of you would know anyone that may be interested?

"200 B.R.M. styling was clearly influenced by the Gas Turbine Le Mans car of the 1960’s. Rover’s sporting history was somewhat bleak to say the very least, with exception of the Le Mans involvement, motorsport was limited to some rallying with both P5 and P6 (albeit driven by Roger Clark), a 3500 V8 P6 circuit racer and the TWR SD1s.

The B.R.M. project was initiated to "enrich" the Rover brand. Since the take over by BMW, the marque was restricted in marketing performance versions of its’ saloon cars so not to compete with BMW’s traditional market. Rover was to be aimed at the luxury market. Although performance models like 200 VI, 600TI and the 800 Vitesse were available; these were not pushed as hard as the marketing department at Bickenhill would have liked. Rover Group were not keen to use the M.G. name to "badge engineer" as in the Metro, Maestro and Montego so not to water down the MGF. B.R.M. was to be used across the range for the performance models and market heavily as such. The products were to be aimed at the enthusiast and the discerning driver with sporting pretensions.

Around 1,100 cars were eventually built with 795 units for the home market. The 200 B.R.M. was originally intended for launch in September 1998. A few demonstrators were about for the press as Rover’s marketing department put on the "Spin". Looking further than just the British racing green, orange nose (all cars left the factory with orange, some dealers toned them down and resprayed them silver or red)and red leather interior trim, the B.R.M. was considerably different from any other 200.

Although the standard 145 PS VVC (Variable Valve Control) K Series engine found in the 200VI and the MGF was used, much of the chassis was up-rated. The engineers were given a free hand and this resulted in a significantly different set-up from any other car in the 200/25 family. Although the 25 GTi is an improvement over the 200 VI, the B.R.M. is considered to be the definitive and ultimate in development. Other notable changes include a close ratio gearbox, a Torsen differential and 16" wheels. This combined package offers the driver a rewarding handling experience second to none in its’ class.

Delays in product testing the B.R.M. was finally available in April 1998, this coincided with the public being aware of the new 25 range. Originally on sale at just under £18,000 the price was lowered to £14,000. This represented good value for money but many customers would want to wait for the soon to be released 25 GTi. It would seem that many journalists dismissed the Rover B.R.M. as merely a marketing ploy to shift some cars (what else does any marketing department do?). "

So if anyones interested in anything thats a bit different and exclusive then ill tell my brother. Hes thinking of selling his for around £5500 - its a V-reg with 40,000 miles on Goodyear Eagle F1s all round. No mods.

Apparently if you stick on the ZR160 throttle body which is 52mm as apposed to 48mm on the BRM it gives it a few more ponies and combined with an exhaust and maybe a filter it is pushed to 160 bhp quite cheaply. The throttle body is metal as apposed to the plastic one on the BRM and costs something like £120 from . Anyway, just thought id throw this one at you guys to see if you know someone who may fancy an unmolested one in the near future?
  CTR EK9 turbo

Cool. They have about 140 bhp per tonne and are slightly slower than the 200 Vi 0-60 but overall driving should be quicker ive heard. Was the guy really pushing his as much as you were? remember that most people with BRMs are quite old folks/enthusiasts and maybe dont wanna break em? Id have thought by looking at the figs that theyd be pretty equal with a 16v?
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Why does every post on this forum turn into a post about racing?

I know someone who might be interested, Ill ask for you.