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Broadband Guru's

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Right awhile ago i was told i was on a fixed 1 mb connection but i was paying for 8mb connection(max). So phoned up Bt and they sent me the new home hub thing and said i would be upgraded today. Installed the hub but still saying 1154 kps downstream and 288 kps upstream. So phoned them about 15 mins ago and they told me it could take up to 10 days for the speed to increase, is this bullshit or what?
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nah it can take a while mate. i just upped mine frmo 2mb to 5mb and it took well over a week.

i think they have to go to your local exchange and modify things there
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bt have a backlog at the moment as they have an issue with their system.

they won't tell u this, but bt wholesale have up to 11 days delay at the moment.
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just phoned up and complained, apartly getting sorted the morn and they are giving me a years xbox live :) which is a deal with game at the minute apartly.
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Something else to be aware of, if you have regraded your BT Broadband service to the max possible speed recently...

1. You have accepted a new 12 month contract.
2. Your Broadband payment now comes out of the phonebill (whereas it may of come from a seperate direct debit before)

I found these things out after the regrade :(
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Sorted, thanks for all your help in previous post Adam K.

now running at 6.2 hope its stays like that but anything above 3 will be fine :)
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the reason why it will take 10 days is that they might need to do a cease and re-provide on the line. broadband is like a product on an anologue (sp) line which can take time to adjust at the exchange.