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  Punto/Clio GTT
just recieved an email from BT saying weve gone over our 40gb monthly usage by 20.1 gig (60.1gb total).

Told us if we do it again we gotta pay £1 per gb we go over.

Now, before we chose bt we did their usage guide and it came to something like 20 gig total. so naturally we chose the highest option which was a 40 gig limit whivch comfortably covers our monthly usage.

I cant understand how theyve got 60 gig? ive just done the monthly usage calculator again and maxed out everything (even things we dont use) and overshot EVERYTHING and it still only comes to 27 gig. What the f**k is going on?

Anyone had this before?

im gonna be phoning BT tomorrow n having a go.

I cant even monitor how much gb im using each month because the BT brains, quote;

" 8. Will I still be able to monitor how much I use?
No, under our new approach we'll monitor how much you use for you, so you don't have to worry about it. "

f**k off BT, i want to minitor what i download so i can keep it under the limit. Not you monitoring it so you can bum me every month for £ per GB. c***s.
it will be 40gb for send and receive so if your using torrents etc its very easy to go over without downloading that much


  911 GTS Cab
i download s**t loads and they have never contacted me *touch wood

I was angry with them though as when i upgraded to total broadband they said i would get 250 minutes of bt openzone a month and the free IP phone but when i cpntacted them about it they said upgraders son't get those, only new customers!

so i argued and they agreed to give me the phone but not the minutes.

I got angry and in the end gave up as they are all muppets, this was about 3-4 months ago and i have jsut checked my bt email and i have a mail form friday telling me my free openzone minutes are available for me to collectg so i did get them in the end which is cool!

I must say, i haven't even used the home hub thing they gave me yet, i have still got my d-link in as it works and i don't want to change it for the sake of it and get problems.


  911 GTS Cab
actually, just checked my old bt emails and i did get an email back in july saying i had used 73gb when my limit is 40 and they would charge me £1 per gig like you but i have never had this happen, even though i easily download as much still.

SO i wouldn't worry too much about it, they are unlikely to charge you as you are on the top package, just trying to get you to cut down i guess.

A friend of mine was on the 2gb limit and downloaded 50gb once and they wanted to charge him, he told them he would drastically cut his usage and they were ok, although they said they would move his package up if he did it again.
  Punto/Clio GTT
ok cheers dave. dunno whether to phone them tomorrow or see what happens next month.

they am robbin sly f*****s though. i mean 3 packages.. 2 gb limit, 6 gb limit.. and 40 gb limit... i mean cmon ffs. what about people who use 10 gig or so. they gotta pay the 40 gig one cause theyre money grabbers.

you know any software i can use which keeps track of ALL my bandwidth usage in and out? at least then ill know if im goin over a crap load and can calm down til the next month. but i really aint been downloading that much.
" Du meter " Tracks day,monuthy,Yearly Downloads/uploads so far i have downloaded 2045gb ( 2TB ) this is over 3 years
  Astra SRi T
i had exactly the same prob with bt sating my usuage was up a 50gb a month i was onbly on the 2gb package! i cant understand how it got so high i didnt do anything different to other months!
  Polo + Micra
yeah get du meter tis a good little program

showed me i could do 40Gb a day lol
good luck in understanding the indians at the other end of the line ;) i sure as fuk cant!

im sacking bt altogether and goin for pipex homecall i think