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Buckets Seats

  ff 182

Hi, im getting bucket seats for my car but dont know wot colour to get i either want red or black.Coz my car is Naples red.

Any help would be good.

Cheers Pete

no probs m8..

remove the passenger seat and take the car to a seat supplier.

they usually let you try various ones.

pop it in the pax side and stand back to see the effect..

I am thinking of getting red sparco for the front of mine..


Make sure you get tilting sub-frames or recliners, I have got some cobra buckets and they only slide so if anyone wants to get in the back they have to climb through the middle!!!!
  ff 182

Hi guys cheers for the replys i cant have people in the bk coz the car is too long and the archs will rub.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Then rip the back seats out and put in two spanking race seats..2.5Kg jobbies!! Plus a complete welded in Roll cage...


My God Pete, I know the garage had done some serious work to your car - but dont you think adding 7 feet to the length of the car was a bit over the top??!!

Get a Maxi kit fitted while youre at it - would look beasting in Naples red (still one of my fave colours).


  Shiny red R32

Hello there Ben. Are you still up in Edinburgh or are you back down south now? Hope you have enjoyed your brief time in Edinburgh as it is a fab place.

Am back in Wales now - home sweet home, the Land of My Fathers, how green is my valley...erm...better pipe down now!

Yes, the best thing about being home is not having to dodge the pot holes (craters) that Edinburgh is littered with. I celebrated arriving home today by finding my favourite tunnel and accelerating repeatedly through it from 30mph in 2nd up to the limit! Boy, I missed that tunnel!!

Got to be said that Id be keen on coming back to Edinburgh, so watch this space.