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Bug Wash

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i know its been asked before, but what is the BEST thing to use to remove the nasty bug marks? i was thinking of a turtle wax jobby??

  Clio v6

PaulG posted 08/08/2002 15:54 GMT Flame Red 172

Any one got a good method to get rid of all the suicidal flies etc which embed themselves in the front of the car and dont seem to come off no matter how much water and halfords shampoo is used?

I always seem to end up with quite a few stubborn marks on the paint work and Id prefer to get them all off before waxing.

Any ideas?

bigmoose posted 08/08/2002 15:55 GMT Bete Noir

Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner does the trick

BRUN posted 08/08/2002 15:57 GMT Clio 1.4RT

noooooo, dont use household products on your cars paintwork

get yourself down to halfords an get some Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover, its brilliant

bigmoose posted 08/08/2002 16:06 GMT Bete Noir

Anything with vinegar in it
Carpet cleaner
Window cleaner
The list goes on. (I used to be a car valeter for BMW)

If you buy these bug remover products and compare the ingredients with household products, they are similar.

ReNWiLL posted 08/08/2002 16:09 GMT Renault Clio Williams 2 [mint condition]

a wire brush or scourer

BRUN posted 08/08/2002 16:09 GMT Clio 1.4RT

this bug remover is nothin like vinegar

it goes onto your car and stays there, its different to anythin ive ever seen before, you squirt it on and it doesnt run or anythin......u leave it a few minutes then buff off, waxes aswell

dash posted 08/08/2002 16:22 GMT V6

Try some kitchen towels. Put them against the panels which have bugs on, the spray warm soapy ( car shampoo ) water mixture leave them to soak on the panels for 10 minutes ( while ya have a non alcoholic beer )and Hey Presto theys simply fallin off.

If ya have loads on the bonnet a nice big towel soaked does the trick.

geordiepaul posted 08/08/2002 17:02 GMT a nice one!

Try some fine grade sand paper you should get a lovely smooth finish and you wont have to worry about scratches any more!

I thinks thats what they use at most Renault dealers!!!!!

weight posted 08/08/2002 18:43 GMT RED CLIO 16v

Dont ever take your car out of the garage

Its the only way to be sure.

GirlRacer posted 08/08/2002 19:46 GMT Black 172 Mk2 + Raider

Dash I do exactly the same as you and find that a good soaking works!

Vauxg posted 08/08/2002 20:00 GMT

@Girlracer, that really work? Im forever getting the damn flies all over my bonnet and wing mirrors, lots of hot water and scrubbing never seems 2 work!

PS. That Halfords Bug and Tar stuff is very good too.

I got the Turtle Wax stuff.. and it works great.

Got 3 for 2 (Price Offer) Turtle Wax stuff (buy 3 things, get cheapest free) so I got The Extreme Wax, Tar and Bug Remover, and Bumper/Dash/Tyre Shine.

All three are VERY good - the wax is Great!

Ill definetly be getting some more Turtle Wax stuff in the future.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea its definitely good stuff, id rate it over Auto Glym any day, though there chamois and perfect polishing cloths are the best there is