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This mornig my front drivers side side light isnt working, or the rear driverside side light or when they are on dipped beam (same bulb) and the glovebox light and the buttons in the central column (hazards rear window heater and door ocking arnt lightin up) is this a few fuses gone or the bulbs surely not all the bulbs!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

IMPORTANT! Bulb thieves are operating in your area. BE VIGILANT! Dont leave bulbs unattended. Mark your bulbs with a UV security marker.


  Audi TT Stronic

it is deffo a fuse, when u put a new fuse in check all the bulbs again cause 1 of em will be burnt out and need replacing, hence causing the fuse to burn out

I think fuses are pretty much a standard size (unless its my mates Mazda where theyre tiny!) - there may even be a couple spare in the box?

Lunch time i went into the fuse box and there were some spares in there so i changed the sidelight one as it had blown went to renault to get some bulbs I asked for front and back sidelight bulbs they gave me an envelope i got home DOPPY tw*ts:mad:gave me two front ones UUUUURRRRRGGGGHHH!!!

still can tfigure out about the dash lights and the glovebox though!!

thanks for your help anyway guys much appreciated!


  Audi TT Stronic

Ye most fuses are the blade type fuses that you will get in most garages etc.

And I was just about to say, you should have spares or at least a place within the fusebox to keep your spares. Although I couldnt have confirmed that fact on the clio as I have never looked in the fusebox (yet)

yeah there is loads of spares in my clio... they are on the lid.... so im sure unless its an older clio(which they have been used) there should be some