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bump strips

With little clips Id imagine. You have to push/pull the strip in a certain direction and probably undo a screw at the end of the doors.

i hope they are screwed or clipped in whatever, cause i think mine are gonna come off otherwise, when the bass kicks in my car they are shakin all over the place, lol. would be pretty cool thou if someone said. what happened to your bump strips? and i could reply, my bass made em fall off lol haha :cool:

  clio 20v

there clipped as far as i can remember, my mate had a slight accident in his sisters a while back and knocked the bump strip off

i went round for a laugh, er i mean offer my sympathy at his misfortune and im pretty sure it was clipped on


what u wanna take em off for? remember the area where they are is sunk, just incase u were takin em off and leaving them off, fair enuf if u aint or if ur gettin it smoothed, lol

They are clipped. If you open the door there is a little round bit of plastic. take that off and push a screwdriver in to un clip it then push the strip in the direction of the back of the car and they will come off on problem. the little bit not on the door is pushed the other way!

Hope that helps!