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BUTRE sent me this......good vid!

they run slick and cant get away from the std CTR.....poor driving! ;)

Oh yea...forgot, your best is a 45yr old rally driver! lol :p

So mods to anything else?
  FRST and 106 GTi

mods, minor things... air filter, springs/shocks, decat I think. you know how it goes.

dont know any 45year old rally driver, but I know good drivers. The thing is that no one in this forsaken country get nowhere!!! even if you are the best on in the world.

you know what a CTR is dont you? I thought you loved latest Honda engines just because they ass rape renaults.

They do....but hes on slicks!!!!

its a twisty circut too....mind you, for uprates suspension, hes wallowing about alot! the CTR is pretty stable.