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Buzzing sound from interior light

  Astra (H) VXR
Jut sat in car had a buzzing sound for the past week annoying the hell out of me... Just found it coming from interior light when engine is off but ignition is in position 2

When I touch this the black barrel shaped part with red bits on in picture below it stops/quietens downs

Anyone know what it is?


Help anyone, it's too annoying

  Astra (H) VXR
Nah didn't try, was on my way out when I spotted it so just made a quick post on me phone.... Cheers for that... They cheap to buy new ones?
  AB Clio 182 FF
I brought a new one lol it made no difference aha , think its just the fan in the unit that causes a vibration lol

Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

ClioSport Club Member
climate control sensor. makes that noise due to being a brushless fan. yet to find a fan suitable to fix it yet. maybe a ball-bearing fan will quiet it down a bit
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