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Bye By Everyone!!!!

  Lionel Richie

Im buggering off to the sun tomorrow, so this is an early "have a happy christmas and a happy new year!!!" Im taking my Laptop out with me so ill post when im out in Sydney!!!!!


ClioSport Club Member

Bye mate im nicking your wheels while your away ok?

good luck mate have a good one

bring us bak some tim tams


  Audi TT Stronic

can you bring me back one of those hats with the corkscrews attached..

always wanted one of them.. :oops:
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Me too Fred see you on the way down the motorway m8. Not going quite as far as you, but a nice place with mountains and (hopefully) a lot of snow :D

have a good one Fred, and Mike - Im nicking both cars while you are gone (not just the wheels!!!) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

K & S
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Watch out for that Peter Falconio, tourist killer type....very unsavoury....

Chack another prawwn on the barrby!

Have a good time fella, ive been twice already, and its something everyone has to do at least once!
Watch for the Holdens! theyre our vauxhalls only theyve got commodores! big v6 and v8 RWD beasts!!
Take Care
Dan (jealous Dan) BTW

lol.. sydney... i feel sorry for you ;-) Everyone knows here in aus that sydney sux and melbourne rules.. then again. i live in between the two :)

Have a great one Fred ! See if you can hire a 172 when you are out there ! You are one lucky bar-steward for going to Aus ! I can remember you talking about it at Brands Hatch ! Safe journey and enjoy, no doubt you will !
  Lionel Richie

HELLO ITS ME!!!!!! BLOODY HOT OUT HERE!!! My Luggage has just arrived from Heathrow two days late (t**sers didnt put it on the plane) WHICH ONE OF YOU GAVE THE AIRLINE A BACKHANDER THEN???? (I bet it was Roamer!!!)