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C pillar trims (Where to get them)

  172RS, 320i, Forte
Hi all,

As some of you may know I just got a 172 Clio phase II, which is not in the best condition and I'm re-innovating it. However when I got it the C pillar trims are not there. They are lost. And I need to get them.

I'm unable to find them on Ebay and I don't know what to do. I already have a shipping address in Berkshire, UK which I can buy stuff from UK ship it there and they forward it to me in Egypt.

However I'm unable to get them, so can you please help anyway? any ideas?!!

Cheers :)
  RB 182
If you actually took time to read the OP it states that he has a uk address to ship to and they'll forward it to him.
That's what I get for scan reading... My mistake sorry -.-

as as said become a member and look at breaking clios then....
  172RS, 320i, Forte
Thank you so much fellows :)
Already contacted a car breaker who listed the needed parts on ebay for me and I bought it, waiting for the shipping :)
And regarding local breakers mine is the only renault RS in egypt!!