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Cam upgrade help


I am looking for some help. I live in norfolk and have a 182 with rs tuner map, fatty intake and ktec decat with ultra racing exhaust.

I want a little more get up and go.

Who are the go to people to get 197 cams fitted and mapped? Or group n timing and mapping done.

Any help greatly appreciated
Not far from Norwich.

I believe CIT-ren are my local experts but not sure they have done the 197 or group n timing etc.

Efi is over 4 hours away :(


ClioSport Club Member
Quite a few places can fit the time the 197 cams correctly. Alex @ AW motorworks in Essex can fit time the 197 cams.

EFI is the worth the distance- travel (432 mile round trip for me) I live near Southampton and had my 172 mapped there.
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