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Cambelt change

After a quote of £410! for a timing belt change on my willy 2 from my local Reno dealer I started looking elsewhere, I rang the garage that used to look after my old Pug GTi and they are willing to fit a supplied cam belt for £110 which is quite reasonable I thought. What I need to know is are there any components that might need changing while its in bits, they are Peugeot specialists so I wouldnt have thought they will know beforehand what bits are likely to need replacing.


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Think you will find that independent garages are well used to working on ALL makes of car and it might be worth asking their views? Half the hourly labour charge too!


as long as they are good then they may be able to do it, it is pain of a job and thats why all reno specialists charge soo much to do it,

most likely hell never wanna do one again after yours


Ive heard its a horrible job to do so judging by there quote of £110 I dont recon theyve done one on a willy before.
Is it worth me getting a new Cambelt Tensioner and Cambelt Idler Pulley? my cars done just over 100k would these parts be worn or should they just be checked?



yes mate if thats the mileage get it all done mate. dont be put off by garages as long as there good., gr is very right in saying a lot of independent garages are better then main dealers, most people only take there cars dealers for warranty purposes and most mechanics at dealers dont know a spanner from a screw driver. just coz there main dealer does not mean there good.

if your still n oture then take it to a dealer.i was quoted 60 for a cambelt change on my 16v. would def not trust this garage though right bunch of cowboys