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Cambelt Change

  Clio Phase II 16V

My Clio is on 69k and its time to consider changing the cambelt. I was thinking of having a go myself. Can anybody give some good advice on previous experences.

Im not too bad at mechanics and have rebuilt a couple of engines but the Renault is something else.

Many Thanks


Im on 70,500 on really need to get my valver booked in for its service!!! :cry:

How much have you all paid for the whole 72k major service??

not hard, just time consuming, and follow the steps in the book.

also, the bits you take off, put them on a bench in a semi assembled area so you know what goes where.
  Clio Phase II 16V


Thanks, im getting so paranoid at the moment i havnt driven the car through fear that the belt will snap!

if you hop under the car witha tortch, and just turn the belt by hand...well spanner,and looka t the belt closely, youll see its ok.

Just look for freys, cracks, rips, worn out parts etc......