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Camera shy

Just to add they sell garunteed anti photo flash number plates, or your money back! I never go that fast, so I wont need them "align=absmiddle>

I doubt whether they are legal!!! I am going to order a pair later today, get a front one as well as there are some sneaky GATSO cameras that snap you from the front now! Gives us a fighting chance dont you say?

guys, dont waste your money, firstly they are illegal secondly they dont work, so if you get flashed not only do you get done with the speeding fine, but you get done for trying to get away with getting done!

I know this after reading an article in a magazine a while back, but please dont ask me which one cause i cant remember.


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Hmmm, yes I always had heard that they were illegal to use, but thinking about Im beginning to wonder...

AFAIK the legal requirement is for the number plate to be visible by the naked eye from a certain distance at street level, and for the lettering to conform to spacing and typeface regulations.

I cant see how that affects the fabled anti-flash plates (if working ones even do exist). If you can read them normally, its just too bad if the police cant photograph them, surely?

Perhaps a case of the CPS trying it on and securing prosecutions with no justifications in law? I know cos they tried it on with me, the secret is - dont ever buckle under the pressure.
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If a copper is following you at night the plates reflect their headlights and it is obvious you have em on your motor.

Thus getting done!
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I was just about to say that aswell. Wouldnt it be suspicious if the cops pulled up behind with his lights on and got blinded by the reflection coming back off your number plate.


So who would be brave enough to buy supposed anti-photograph plates and then go through a speed camera?
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TAG has hit the nail on the head.

Youre only gonna find out if they really work if you actually get flashed!


Been looking on about these number plates.

Apparently they are indeed illegal the charge would be Attempting to pervert the course of justice, and they dont work. According to the site some chap is being done for that AND speeding after being flashed.