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can anybody help?

  Renault Clio 1.2 16V
Hi there,

I was wondering if anybody could help, i have a mk2 172 ph2 and as i was driving home 2nite all of a sudden there was a terrible whinning noise coming from the steering when turning from side to side(louder at lower speeds) as i returned home and got out the car there seems to be oil coming from the underside of the car as there are patches of it all on the driveway. Whats concerning me is why this awful high pitch whinning noise is occuring when ever i turn the wheel.

the car is still under warranty so will be going to renault first thing.

Any help as to what may be the problem would be much apppreciated.

  172 mk2 Iceberg
sounds like the steering rack/pump ??
check you steering fluid level NOW !!
this may be the oil on your driveway


As above, a nut and olive probably worked loose, the sound is oil leaking under pressure i'd have thought