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Can anyone help me!!!!................

In the gallery for the Williams (on this site), at the bottom of page two there is a Clio with polished wheels, its the mega moddified one. Can anyone tell me what make they are and where i could get some from in this country.



i know, they look cool, but there for me mate, what ones r they that i said on my first post.
is there anyone that can tell me...........


i dont care if they look crap or not pal, there for someone eles, can no one give me a straight answer FFS, and na mate im not changing me wheels.


im not getting at anyone one, its just you ask a ? and know one gives you a straight answer, its the lad who was telling me they were crap that done me head in, there not for me there for someone else, and i just asked what they were.......nice one craggy for just telling me you dont know mate, thats a straight answer. and lofty.....was i getting at you in the first place? dont be funny with pal.
cheers craggy.
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Dunno, theyre definitely the Euro style, youd need to get them from the continent I would have thought. Cant seem to be able to get 10" wide 15s over here!
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they are available from Janspeed, and are Italian Wheel Company Alloys, not sure what model, dont think they make them in the chrome finish, i think that is something this guy has had done aftermarket. They are available in the UK quite easily. Hope this helps,