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Can anyone tell me please....


I've got a couple of general questions about the 172 cup and 182 cup which i was hoping someone on here might be able to help with...

1. Do the 172 cup headlights also fit on the 182 cup (or are the 182 cups xenon?)

2. Could you easily put 172 cup headlights on the standard 172 or 182?

3. How many seat belts are there in the back of the 172 cup and 182 cup?

Sorry in advance for what might be noob questions! Grateful for advice


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
1) Yes i think, all the ph2 lights fit each other anyway.
2) yes but why?
3) eerrrr 4 i think?

Ste King 182

1) 182 ff are xenon headlights 182 cups aint
2) as above /\
3) 3, left right middle ??!
Sorry for what sounds like crazy questions but i have a set of 172 cup continental headlights from a few years back. I am now looking to buy another 172 or 182 in the UK and bring out to Germany where i currently work and want to know if i could fit the old LHD lights onto the new car? Buying new xenon LHD headlights (if that is what i have to do) if i choose a FF 172 or 182 is a lot of money.

I also want to know how many seat belts the 172 cup has in the back. Some sites say 3 some say 2 and i can't remember.