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can anything else go wrong

since i bought my 1.2 rl in sept 02, ive had a leak in my roof from the arial, brakes have went to pot, exhaust got a hole, and today my clutch bu**ers up! I think its sticking coz i can change gear without having to put my foot on the clutch and it doesnt even crunch!, baddly shudders now and then for no reason!!!, this just started today on the way home from work!

any ideas on how to sort myself or do u think it will need to b seen by the professionals?

r these common faults, if so, what else have i to look out 4?

my mot is nxt month, so ill need it fixed for then, great when ur skint!:(

My clio aerial leaked i found out that the owner before had taken it through a car wash and left the aerial on and it was bent back hence creating a leak, i got mine sorted when i got the car kitted and painted.

Clio brakes are usually soft and are not the most relaible things in the world. Not too sure bout the clutch thing

Dont worry m8, i bought my clio in oct/sept 02 and have had a leak from the sunroof occured, the clutch has gone, the gearbox followed, then the power steering hose went, then the bonnet catch jammed, the alternator soon joined the fun. And then u have the sparky problems which include the nortorious elec window switches, the full beam relay, dash lights, etc mmm.....latest to my edition is the steering rack needs replacing and the power steering pump. Think your self lucky! Once they start they never stop. But still, its all worth every penny, the Clio is a fantastic car!
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you are not alone!! since i bought my car last march the following has gone wrong -

front suts

cat back exhaust

front and back brakes

and thats just for starters!!
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

With over 15,000 components making up ANY car, things do go wrong.

Sad, but a fact of life.


I think you have to get on top of problems with a Mk1 Clio, or itll bite your bum and your wallet later (especially with the 16v/Willy). But as enthusiasts and (maybe) amateur mechanics, were probably sensitive to the things most drivers never notice and let their garage fix once a year.

You could get shot in the leg and only be able to take part in three legged races for the rest of your life...

The most important thing is that clutch. If that isnt sorted soon youll burn it out and need new clutch plate, could work out more expensive for that than whatever is making it stick, get a quote.

Oh also... brake pads are a piece of piss to replace, are they making a grinding sound from the back like metal on metal, if so the shoes shouldnt cost you too much.

As for the exhaust, you should be able to get some filler for that temporarily (I think) advice on that, anyone?