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Can I get a new alloy bonnet...

  Abarth 595 Trufeo

When my MK1 got dinged by a stupid lorry driver back in Apr.

I had the bonnet replaced and they got me an alloy one.

I double checked with my local Renault dealer first and they were the same price as a steel one?? I think it was about £175 but I am not 100% sure and will have to double check or why dont you pop into your local friendly? Renault dealer and ask.

I do know that they had it shipped over from France and eventually took 4 weeks to be repaired - I had a KA (wot a pile of sh8ite).

Have you damaged yours or do you fancy sticking an air vent in it?

The weight savings from a steel to an alloy bonnet wont do anything for your car, infact there is a serious downside to having an alloy bonnet, the fact that it dents more easier than its steel counterpart, it may look like its been shotgun blasted after a few months of enthusiastic driving.....


Make a composite one (or get someone to make one). It doesnt have to be carbon or aramid (like kevlar) fibres, you could make one quite cheaply with woven glass fibre and polyester resin.

why on earth would you want to replace the bonnet with an alloy one ??.. it will make you die easier in an accident, and it offers no real benefit in performance terms... unless you are built like a racing snake, a diet will do you as much good lol...

If you have fitted a full light weight fia cage for your race track use, you can then relatively safely replace it as the strength is in the caged area.:confused:

Err... thanks captain, Ill feel so much safer driving around in my Mk1 172 now(complete with death-bringer alloy bonnet) ;). Anyway, I do look like a racing snake (being green and shedding my skin every few months) so I suppose its the ideal mod? :p