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can i store my documents to a website - help

  clio rs
during my studies I have to email me course to my work, uni, and home.

I cant use a USB at work as they have encrypted this method due to data protection.

Its there a site like photobucket but for documents. be great if someone can help me on this.
  clio rs
just had a look at rapidshare- other people can access them - these are personal documents

must be other site
Only if they know the link. You can't just stumble across the files. You can also zip them in q password protected folder?
  Suzuki Ignis
dropbox sounds good, can i lock my files

Dropbox is your own personal account. You can add the software to as many computers as you like to just drop files in the folder, or access it online and upload to your account. Only you can view and log onto your account.