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Can Someone Get The Tape Measure Out Please???

I need someone to help me out please :D

I have just had some retrimmed Cobra Evolutions delivered and they have custom/uni side mounts mounted on custom sliders.

Please can anyone with a MK2 Clio [or a mk1/2 172 - 182 measure:-]

The distance between the 2 front bolts
The distance between the 2 rear bolts
The distance between the front bolts and rear bolts

I havent bought the 172 yet so cant measure inside to see if they fit....

Who ever finds this out - I will buy a drink @ a trackday/meet etc :cool:

Thanks in advance.

  M2 Competition
Also bear im mind they arent straight mate, ie the subframes make way for the slightly raised centre console, so if you have completely flat subframes they wont fit...
I know!!!!! ----- This seat mallarkey is very expensive!!!!

The cheapest option is to just buy the Cobra monaco's for £175 then buy the mounts... job done!

But when I went to look at them they were made very poorly of some cheap materials.... emphasised after getting out of my CTR's alcantara recliners.
Im really really confused now.... just had this from Demon Tweeks.... When asked if I could get some side mounts and subrfame for the 172....


Thank you for your enquiry.

Unfortunately there is not a specific subframe to accept a side mounted seat, directly into your car.

We can supply subframes to fit base mounted seats which will pick up on the floor pan of the car, however you would need to make an adaptor plates to fit the side mounts to the base mounts.

Please contact me if you have any further queries.