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  Skoda Fabia vRS

your really annoying me already, by all means start posts and talk to yourself, but your spoiling threads by contributing intentional bo!!ox

your so rude

you annoy the hell out of me

by all means talk bo**cks all day but dont start a post about you getting annoyed with a user

who cares what you think?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i know what your sayin Chavy, but at least C/S was contributing to the best of his knowledge, whereas this guy is intentially posting drivel and spoiling threads

eh? i didnt do anything

nothing i posted was untrue

and if i was exaggerating so what

i have knowledge ask me if you want to know anything about cars



Well i think its about time someone had a laugh

remember what mr t said: "i pitty the fool who trys to mess with my van"



This is so bad i mean im new to all this stuff. But from what i see its ok for some ppl to behave like utter t**ts but when someone behaves like they do they complain.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Quote: Originally posted by tomclio1.2 on 05 November 2002

This is so bad i mean im new to all this stuff. But from what i see its ok for some ppl to behave like utter t**ts but when someone behaves like they do they complain.
tom, Captain Slarty isnt complaining here, i am, or are you calling me a tit
  Clio v6

Who is this capnsmartass?

It isnt Captain Slarty. His posts are usually more interesting, if a little involved.

This guy / girl is down right ignorant and sad.

Handbags at dawn.


  Shiny red R32

Captn Smart Ass

Oh, and by the way, on your way out just pull your beard up over your face!!


capnsmartass - try not to let the door hit you on the way out

normally i dont get involved in these b1tchy posts but i went through his posts and hes just a wee idiot. prob some 12 year old who thinks its funny to say bad words

If you thought it was anyone who is already a memeber, why didnt you just ask the admin. They could have just gone back and checked all the IPs on the forum. If any match chances are its that person. Quick and easy...well maybe not on a forum of this size.




There have been a few people on this forum who have caused trouble before but they still post.

What makes you think capnsmartass deserves to get banned anymore than them?

maybe it was a joke maybe it wasnt.

who really cares?

What about tying each of end of him to two 172s and then driving away from each other really fast. A fitting end I feel! :devilish:

  Clio v6

Excuse me Mr parts department employee, but me and my mate wish to buy 2 new rear bumbers for a 172 ( and please dont ask us why )

Oh and can we have discount?:)

Sorry to be dense here (more-so than usual), but am I the only one thats noticed that CapnSmartAss and ChavyBoy always seem to post within minutes of each other... This can mean one of three things:

1) Spooky co-inky-dink (coincidence)...

2) They share the same computer...

3) They share the same body...

So Chavy mate... Which is it? ;)



yeah that is odd but not true

there is a post where they posted at EXACTLY the same time which is impossible

so its

4) not him

B*gger! The fourth option... Which I am sure you will also find on my exhaustive list, but in a pale blue font colour... :sick:

I feel such a "Damn foo" - Im gonna go and buy more gold jewellery... "Sucka!"