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Captain Slarty

Can this person stop slatting all Clios and praising Cars like the Integrale this is a Clio forum and one for owners who enjoy theirs!

What so you drive as it seems you have split loyalties!
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

abbs, if you dont like what Slarty is saying then just ignore him...simple as that



i know thats the easy thing to do but if he

1. Messes up posts by saying inane rubbish

2. is insulting

3. need i go on...........

what are we supposed to do?


if someone kept drumming thier fingers despite the fact your ignoring him/her would you eventually tell them to stop? Then they continue despite you asking nicely, what do you do?


  Shiny red R32


Now tell the truth about what you drive!

Isnt it a lovely Mk2 172 in flaming red?

  320d M Sport

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :sleep:

(cough cough) "heard it all before" (cough cough)
  williams and trophy

wots wrong with a guy expressing HIS opinion?

no-one is forcing u to read what he puts are they?

some of what hes said ive disagreed with myself.........anyone would think it was a forum where people are urged to express their opinion or something..........

oh sorry....i believe it is


cart on mate

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Do as I do, just carry on ignoring him.

He does occasionally say something of interest but for all the other times when its just old gheezer drivvle, just pretend he isnt there...that simple. You guys getting all worked up is exactly what sort of reaction he may be looking for.
  BMW 320d Sport

I think you hit the nail on the head right there Viceroy. There are a lot of people on here who feel theyve had their threads hijacked in the past or been personally abused though, so they do have a reason to feel upset.

The rules are the rules, if you wanna come on the forum you have to stick to them. A lot of those rules had been broken over and over again without Cliosport doing a thing to ban him. So no-one better start that b****cks about Cliosport taliban or whatever attention-grabbing bullsh*t it was. Apart from that I do detect that on the latest return of Slarty, the posts have been a bit more like the old useful tech advice that is what people want - as opposed to abuse and scorn if people didnt agree with his viewpoint - that kind of thing was totally out of order and I still cant believe there were forum users out there who thought that was OK...still everyones entitled to their own opinion I suppose. Personally Im hoping this whole episode can be buried and not brought up again.


You have hit the nail on the head, Slarty has been a good source of info. and at times a great deal more.

I for one cant believe there is some kind of witch hunt.


There will always be issues with personality, however we are CLIO lovers and should always stick by that. People will be people and will always support their own views. Even more so, if someone disses a person, then the dissed will generally fight back with whatever means they have.

always remember people "LIFE IS TOO SHORT".

PS Good to meet the flying 1/4 miler



Hate myself in photos. (So does everyone else ,I worry about:oops:)

Waiting for another meet. Put the logo on the O/S and was great !!!!!!

Stood back........................ Im a perfectionist.. not straight enogh. 2mm up on the left side.

Saaad!! I know. Still looks well Kweel Dood!!!!!!!!!

  BMW 320d Sport

Mark Ill get the ruler and spirit level out next time we meet up and Ill see how bad it really is.

Squirt -dont worry theres no way anyone could mistake you for a boy!:eek: